1: "General Rules and Terms"

LAW OF IGNORANCE AND IGNORANCE OF THE RULES: Total or partial ignorance of the rules cited here does not exempt the person from guilt. It is up to you, the users, to read or not this Regulation. Excuses of ignorance or lack of reading will not be accepted.

1.1- Participating in this forum implies acceptance of these Rules and the terms and conditions of use of the Community.

1.2- These rules may be altered at any time at the discretion of the Moderators, according to certain circumstances that may occur.

1.3- Any violation of these rules will be subject to light (warning), medium (temporary ban) or serious (permanent ban) sanction, as appropriate.


2.1-On this site photos and videos of models of any age are posted and can be posted, but what is prohibited is the publication of videos and photos of minors completely naked, or of fairly revealing transparencies, also including too obvious approaches, The moderators will vote among themselves if any material published here may be a reason for censorship due to the age of the model, on the other hand for models of legal age there is no limitation.

2.2- This site does not provide data that can help or motivate the search and / or publication of personal data of the models, no personal data of the model can be provided such as: real name, address, social networks, etc.
many of the models do not use their real names to avoid harassment.

2.3- Moderate your comments, for what is published here and / or for what is published by the members and moderators, insults of any kind are not allowed, including racial, sexual orientation, nationality.

for the moment it is all, visit the site and enjoy what is published here, and if you have any questions or suggestions, send them to the moderators.